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Photo Album Software for REB1200/GEB2150

Product Summary

Do you own a REB1200 or GEB2150 color ebook device?

Have you ever wished that your ebook device was more than just an ebook device?

Have you ever thought someone should make a simple to use software to put ALL your digital images in your color ebook device so you can also use it as a photo album?

If so, look no further, you have found the one and only place where you can do just that!

Product Details:

Turn your REB1200/GEB2150 into a Photo Album with hyperlinked index prints!

What is it?
It's an extremely easy to use software to turn your jpeg images in your computer into Photo Album ebooks for your REB 1200 or GEB 2150.
How to use it?
  1. Place a copy of the software in the directory/folder of the jpeg images you want to convert and double click on it, a Photo Album ebook containing the jpeg images will be created.
  2. Transfer the Photo Album ebook to the REB1200/GEB2150 via the CompactFlash (you'll need either a CF card reader or if you have REBLibrarian or GEBLibrarian, you can use that also).
  3. Done, that's it!
Why should I purchase it?
  • Unique: this is the ONLY Photo Album Software for the REB1200/GEB2150 in the world!
  • Easy to use and standalone: this is the only software you need; you do not need to use any other software in order to use it.
  • Automatic hyperlinked index prints creation for easy browsing.
  • Select between 2 image display sizes: 3"x5" for faster viewing, or 5"x7" for FULL screen viewing.
  • Lightning FAST execution: takes less than 1 second per image (on a 1GHz PC), which is 20-50! times faster than any other manually labor intensive ad-hoc methods.
  • Compresses all your jpeg images to around 0.1MB per picture, no matter how big the original jpeg is! So even a dirt cheap 256MB CF card can hold thousands of images.
  • Photo Albums are automatically named using the folder name; you don't even have to type them in! So your pictures in your "Hawaii" (or whatever) folder will appear as "Hawaii" ebook in the REB1200/GEB2150 and will be automatically filed under "Photo Albums" in your ebook.
  • You can even use the stylus to write notes on the pictures like "me and the guys doing crazy stuff!", or draw flowers or other funny drawings on the pictures (this is a built-in function of the REB1200/GEB2150).
  • Take your pictures with you, to show to friends and family, not being stuck at home inside your computer, or in your hard-to-manage and small digital camera screen.
  • Use it to view your photos, art work, comics, or any images that is stored as digital image files (see the FAQ page on how to convert them to jpeg images).
  • You can try it before you buy! Check it out on your ebook, if you don't like it, don't buy! The free trial version works exactly the same as the real one; it only limits the number of pictures per album.
System requirements:
  • PC running Windows 98, 2000, or XP (compatibility with win95, Me, and NT is unknown, download the free trial version and try it if you need to).
  • REB1200 or GEB2150 that can load personal contents. If you have never load personal contents into your REB1200/GEB2150 before, checkout the REB1200 links on the left panel.

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